Managing Information Security Risks

Securing Critical Assets using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework


As the threat of cyber intrusions increases, organizations must maintain robust and attack-resilient infrastructure.

The Team is working to implement NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework in the 911.NET Security Operations Center (SOC), using business drivers to guide computer security activities, managing risks with continual assessment and mitigation processes.

911.NET offers a comprehensive assortment of security assessment services that allow businesses to be prepared and avoid attacks. These services will help your organization improve its existing security posture while reducing the risk of exposure.


Framework Crosswalk NIST's Risk Assessment Guidelines


External and Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Scans

System Assessment & Review

Recommendations for mitigation of risk & threats

Performance Enhancement

Secure Network Configurations

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Penetration Testing

Security Awareness Training

Governance & Compliance Solutions

Data loss prevention and encryption

Attack Detection and Monitoring

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