Blockchain-enabled smartphones are coming!

Two smartphone makers plan to include the technology in new devices this year (1), (2), (3). So, beware of the blockchain-enabled smartphone! When released, it will allow users to securely store cryptocurrency and act as a compute node in a blockchain network. Sirin Labs plan to produce a device that will integrate all kinds of digital tokens and make it easier to locate and purchase goods from sites that accept cryptocurrency payments. It is designed to support inherent Blockchain applications. An attractive feature of it is the inclusion of a cold wallet into the smartphone. A cold wallet is used to store cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital tokens securely offline. Similarly, HTC Corp expects a new smartphone that will be able to work with multiple blockchain protocols allowing for interoperability between them.

So far, many companies started to invest more time and energy on blockchain technology. It seems like it will be exciting and promising for many people who are interested in this technology. There are still concerns related to information security and the operating systems. However, it is certain that the blockchain technology is going to keep many people busy in close future. In the longer term, blockchain as a technology has the potential to fundamentally affect a wide variety of processes and technologies, such as supporting self-driving cars, ensuring a secure internet of the future, providing digital advertising in a more trusted way, and creating job prospects.

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