Password Reset System

Easily reset your passwords on your Active Directory (AD) network!

How the PRS works

IXN’s Password Reset System (PRS) helps support users who forget their passwords and get locked out of their systems. The system will send a link to a user’s email address, who then follow the link to reset their passwords in a website managed on your Active Directory (AD) network. This lightens the burden on your Support Team. The system will ensure new passwords comply with your AD policies. It can also be enhanced to promote even better password practices by rejecting commonly used passwords. Reset links are timed for enhanced security and can be active for an amount of time appropriate for your organization. If your users get locked out of their email systems, a link to your support ticketing system can be added or the system can notify other managers as appropriate.

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  • Reset your password anytime, no waiting for staff to process support tickets
  • Frees up staff to work on more urgent support needs


  • Passwords reset links are sent directly to the email address provided in Active Directory and links expire after a short time
  • Requires an SSL certificate for the Active Directory server to enable LDAPS
  • Follows the same password policies currently in place for your organization with the additional options available


  • Popular password filtering
  • Configure the reset link expiration time
  • Deploys to  Windows or Linux
  • Call to get a quote for support to add Special Questions for extra identity support

Contact IXN Sales: 1-877-252-6447