Open Source System for HIV/AIDS Prevention Monitoring and Performance Improvement

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HIV Event System HAPIS

Looking for a system to track your HIV prevention activities?

The HIV Event System (HES) could be your answer.

HES is a web-based open source system developed to track the delivery of HIV prevention services (counseling, testing, referral, outreach, education, partner services, and training).

You can download the system at no cost to use for your organization. Email us at for more information.

The goal of the HES is to provide data to better monitor and strengthen HIV prevention activities. HES tabulates data to contribute to monitoring and evaluating HIV prevention programs and allows service providers to respond to local, state and federal funding requirements.

HAPIS Funnel Chart

The system provides data essential to evaluate each program’s effectiveness, thus improving prevention services. There are four main reporting and tracking categories: Health Education, Provider Education, Counseling Testing and Referral, and Partner Services. This system provides the same functionality as the CDC’s PEMS system, and more.

A PEMS Replacement

Using the latest Microsoft technologies, the system collects data on the prevention efforts of local providers of HIV/AIDS care and prevention services. Public health agencies count on A.J. Boggs to create customized systems to meet their program evaluation requirements. A.J. Boggs also developed and hosts web-based training courses for HIV prevention professionals. The ASP.NET code is available as open source at no cost.

For further information on the HIV Event System, please contact A.J. Boggs at 877-252-6447, ext. 121- or