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The Lifia Portal contains data management systems developed in part with funding from HRSAs Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS). The Portal includes tools for staff to manage eligibility, track benefits, remind clients about enrollment deadlines, and handle health records for the clients served by these programs. The Portal also contains the Lifia item bank, a data management system for healthcare applications integrated with Electronic Health Records (EHR).



Secure, HIPAA-compliant handling and storage of information

Reduce data entry errors and improve data quality through validation and pre-population of data

Manage benefits information and speed up application and renewal processes


With Lifia Reporting, easily comply with federal and state reporting requirements. Reporting options include CAREWare Hosting custom reports, and Dashboards. Learn more about Lifia Reporting


Easily connect and exchange data with various sources, such as Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS), Laboratory Surveillance Systems (eHARS), Income (tax systems), and Insurance Premium Payment information.

Secure Messaging

A secure, confidential messaging service offering notifications and reminders and an optional text message notification system. Learn more about  Secure Messaging within the Lifia Portal.

Customer Support Team

A team to assist you in managing your program’s needs, such as data entry, communications via phone, chat, e-mail, or fax, benefits coordination services, program notifications and updates, eligibility verification, surveys and grievance processing, training, and more.


Learn more about our Lifia programs and services by visiting or contacting us at or 517-347-1100