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In development by A.J. Boggs, Lifia Reporting makes generating reports quick and intuitive while enabling robust analysis to analyze population health, and visualize trends. Support data-based decision making that targets improved clinical and financial outcomes. Accurately tell stories, analyze population health, and get financial and utilization insights.

Easily breakdown data by financial, clinical, and demographic elements, and narrow the focus of your reports from communities, to specific populations, right down to individual clients.

An elaboration on the Ryan White Dashboard Reporting System, Lifia Reporting aims to connect to more data sources, provide more enhanced ways to efficiently analyze your data, and provide more powerful visualizations.

CAREWare Special Edition Reports

Lifia Reporting features the CAREWare Special Edition Reports, which integrates information from CAREWare and other data sources such as HIV Surveillance (eHARS) and Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) to display Core Quality Reports. These Special Edition reports support Ryan White Providers and agencies in synthesizing and analyzing client data across disparate sources.

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CAREWare Hosting

IXN, a division of A.J. Boggs, has been hosting CAREWare database systems since 2005. IXN provides managed hosting and custom development of reporting solutions, including client level data, such as the information in the CAREWare database. Where security is a top priority; we work thoroughly to manage and secure HIPAA compliant systems.

IXN maintains and manages CAREWare for providers throughout Michigan and for the Cleveland Region, City of Indianapolis, and the US Virgin Islands.

Ryan White Dashboard Reporting System

AJ Boggs teamed with the Michigan Department of Community Health, Division of Health Wellness and Disease Control for a Special Project of National Significance (SPNS) funded by HRSA to develop a Ryan White Part D AIDS/HIV Dashboard Reporting System.

This Dashboard was developed to graphically present clinical and operational performance indicators to agency managers and to the Part D Grantees. AJBoggs built a flexible and intuitive dashboard reporting system to facilitate analysis of clinical performance and other outcome measures across all Part D programs and for each individual Part D agency. This dashboard technology made the information in the CAREWare database more accessible, intuitively summarized, and graphically powerful.