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Are you searching for text changes and similarities in large document collections?

Would you benefit by tracking where terms and provisions are previously used?

Our text comparative analysis technology improves accuracy and understanding of the text in large documents and collections.

  • Similarity Searches
    Pre-process text streams to identify similar paragraphs and create a list of other text (documents) for similarity analysis.
  • Document Comparisons
    Side by side views of documents highlighting their similarities and differences.
  • Advanced Searching
    Concept/provision tracking and full-text relevance-ranking

See how congressional agencies compare text with PISCES

  • Legislative and Legal Analysis
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Analysis of Standards and Complex Specifications
  • Intelligence Data Analysis
Who Benefits?
  • Legal Staff and Law Firms
  • Regulated Businesses (e.g., utilities and insurance companies)
  • Healthcare Policy Experts and Healthcare Agencies
  • Government Agencies and Regulators
  • Lobbyists
  • Defense and Intelligence Agencies
  • Libraries and Other Organizations with Large Document Collections