Secure Information Sharing

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An Open Source Collection of Information Security Forms and Procedures

Access information technology (IT) security procedures for your organization and collaborate with other professionals in your industry to develop and improve your IT security forms, policies, cyber situation awareness algorithms, and internal documentation.

Our goal is to improve security with better information sharing, communication, collaboration, speed of response, and situation awareness.

As a member of logo, you can collaborate with organizations in your sector to help each other assure compliance with NIST, HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, and other important regulations and standards while continuously improving security.

The collection includes the following process templates:

  • Risk Assessment and Defensive Responses (RADR™),
  • Security Administration Policy and Procedure Template,
  • Security Officer Duties,
  • Password Policies,
  • Disaster Recovery Plans, and
  • Business Continuity Plan Templates.

To improve collaboration, we offer document management, community reviews, secure messaging, digital rights management, data breach notification protections with an extended warranty, eCommerce, IT security research collaboration (HoneyNet), and access to secure alert network data.

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