CAREWare Hosting

Managed Services

A.J. Boggs’ IXN team offers managed hosting services for CAREWare. Our team provides technical support and manages the servers and CAREWare database systems with the highest regard for privacy. We have provided CAREWare hosting services since 2006 and serve a diverse group of clients, including Public Health organizations, large hospital systems and small clinics.

Our CAREWare systems are hosted in a secure data center with fully managed servers, including nightly data backups, firewalls, application monitoring, database administration and HIPAA compliance. We also have a team of dedicated support staff standing by 24/7. For a quote to host and manage CAREWare for your organization in a secure, HIPAA compliant data center: Contact or call Natty Abdallah at 517.347.1100 ext. 111.

 About CAREWare

CAREWare is freeware developed by jProg and funded through the US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). First released in 2000, CAREWare is an application designed to handle health information and it generates reports tailored to the needs of Ryan White Program grant recipients. CAREWare uses Microsoft’s SQL Server database system. For more details, see the CAREWare System Administrator’s Guide.

CAREWare Cloud

IXN can configure CAREWare to run through web browsers, without having to install the system on your local computer.  This setup gives you remote access to the CAREWare Client program that runs on IXN servers. This means that users are not faced with installation, configuration, or updates, which saves time, money, and hassles.  Request a demo or free trial to see it work.

CAREWare Interfaces

Simplify your reporting to HRSA by connecting your electronic health record (EHR) system to CAREWare. A.J. Boggs has experience developing EHR interfaces to CAREWare, including interfaces with the EPIC EHR system. When EHR systems are not connected to CAREWare, case management and HRSA reporting become more difficult. Save time and optimize your processes with an integrated solution that transfers data between your EHR and CAREWare.

Integrate ADAP and CAREWare

In addition to EHR interfaces, we can integrate your AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) data with CAREWare. This will add lab and insurance information to your CAREWare case management database from your ADAP system. We can help to ensure your ADAP membership is properly reflected in client-level ADAP reports that can be generated from CAREWare for required reporting.

Lifia Reporting

In development by A.J. Boggs, Lifia Reporting has developed core reports specifically for CAREWare data. Connect your CAREWare data with Medicaid Management Information System and surveillance data to provide an even more in-depth analysis. With easy to use dashboards and data updated daily, Lifia Reporting can take your reports to the next level. Find meaningful trends and intersections in your data to encourage data-driven decision making. Help your data make an impact. See Lifia Reporting for more information.