America’s Talent Bank and Michigan’s Job Bank

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Michigan’s Job Bank

The Talent Bank project was funded by the U.S. Department of Labor as part of an effort to develop a complete job fulfillment and training system, America’s Labor Market Information System (ALMIS). The Talent Bank system delivered a comprehensive, multi-state database of jobs and resumes.

A. J. Boggs & Company was awarded a State Research Fund Grant from the State of Michigan in 1995 to work with the Michigan Employment Security Commission (MESC) to jointly develop America’s Talent Bank and develop directory services for widely distributed, heterogeneous databases. After the grant was completed, the MESC contracted A. J. Boggs to jointly develop the production version of the Talent Bank service in a partnership with the State of Michigan, Sovereign Hill, Netrex, and the State’s IT team. A committee representing 20 states for the nationwide search service selected the architecture proposed by Michigan. 

A.J. Boggs and Company later was contracted to re-deploy Michigan’s Job Bank using the A.J. Boggs Search engine.

These projects involved designing and implementing secure user authentication, search engine retrieval, system (network) support, systems migration planning, user interface design, system testing, production support, and technical documentation development.

To access the America’s Talent Bank go to: