Case Study – Children’s Nutrition Application Project (CNAP)

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1. Project Information

Project Dates: March 2002 – September 2003
Client: Michigan Department of Education

2. Scope of Work

The Michigan Department of Education annually reimburses schools and childcare programs for over $200 million through State and USDA funded nutrition programs.

The Office of School Support Services contracted A.J. Boggs to provide project management services and quality assurance support for their child and adult nutrition application processes. The goal of the project was to develop the plans for the system, including the acquisition strategy.

Business Objectives
  • Perform Current Needs Assessment
  • Identify Critical Success Factors and Develop a Plan
  • Develop an Acquisition Strategy
  • Define System Requirements and Specifications
  • Prepare a Statement of Work
  • Review and Negotiate Bids from Contractors
  • Establish Quality Assurance Processes for the System Development Phase
  • Manage Development and Project Implementation

3. Project Approach

The Rational Unified Process (RUP) was followed. A needs assessment was performed through reviews of IT systems, development processes, and system documentation. A.J. Boggs conducted interviews with internal and external users and other stakeholders to define the vision and the scope of the system. MDE staff were interviewed and focus groups met to discuss the system requirements. School district personnel and childcare center sponsors were also interviewed to identify their needs and concerns.

The system requirements were identified and the features prioritized by importance. A statement of work was developed along with requirement specifications, and work plans to develop and implement the system using existing contractors.

Used RUP (Inception) and ER Win (Relational Database Designing).

4. Vendor Activities

Methodology Rational Unified Process
Methodology: Phases Rational Unified Process: Cycle 1 (3 Months) Develop System Vsision
Develop Project Plans and Acquisition Strategy
Develop Initial Use Cases
Obtain executive approval for cycle 2
Rational Unified Process: Cycle 2 (3 Months) Define Detailed Use Cases
Define Security Requirements
Define Statement of Work
Develop Detailed System Specs
Negotiate Vendor Contracts
Methodology: Organization 1 Project Manager, 1 Analyst, 1 Senior Consultant

Initially, A.J. Boggs identified some issues with requirements management. Met with MDE management and recommended using RUP and use cases to define the system requirements. Worked with SOM staff and other contractors to develop the specifications and acquisition plans. Delivered on time and under budget.

Tools Used for Project

Used RUP (Inception) templates and ER Win (Relational Database Designing).

5. Vendor Deliverables

A.J. Boggs delivered:

  • CNAP Vision Document
  • CNAP Statement of Work
  • CNAP System Requirements Documents
  • System Development Schedule and Budget
  • Issues Tracking Process
  • Acquisition Strategy


Completed Requirements Phase
Successful Vendor Sourcing
Currently Managing the Development and Implementation Phases