Case Study – Traceability System Enhancement Project

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1. Project Information

Project Dates: March 2010 – August 2010
Client: Defense Systems Manufacturer

2. Scope of Work

A defense contractor needed to enhance and maintain an existing product Traceability System that tracked the sources and lots of materials and sub-assemblies used in the military systems they manufactured. The system captured product information for each system component, using 2 and 3D barcode systems. It produced barcode labels for material, assemblies, and shipping for their products as they moved through the manufacturing processes.

The major objectives for the Traceability Enhancement Project were to:

1. Provide better security and process integrity by

  • Implementing standardized security authorization process that can be administered by business owners.
  • Ensuring all system actions are recorded in the system with associated user ID and date/time stamp.
  • Ensuring all process steps are complete and accurate prior to attempting subsequent process steps.
  • Providing ability to review all traceability actions on any part/component at any step in the process.

2. Enhance the Traceability system with new and improved functionality, such as

  • Incorporate a check digit into barcodes to validate data received from scanners.
  • Provide capability to move material/parts to rejected status and prevent rejected material from reentering the normal flow without an approval process.
  • Allow support for external customers to specify their own criteria (Label formats, export, etc) without impacting the internal processes.
  • Capturing additional information not currently used in the Traceability System.
  • Support for client specific labeling.

3. Project Approach

Worked closely with the internal IT department to develop plans, including a statement of work (SOW).

Confirmed the system requirements by developing a thorough requirements document. Verified the system status and addressed immediate problems in production. Completed a thorough system test to confirm the current system status before implementing the enhancements. Established a change management process.

Implemented designs, after approval, and then supported user acceptance testing before deploying the enhanced system in production.

Tools Used for Project

.NET 4.0; SQL Server 2008; Rational Unified Process templates, and Visio.

4. Vendor Deliverables

A.J. Boggs delivered:

  • Project Plans
  • Traceability System Requirements Specification
  • Bug Reports
  • Change Management Priorities and Work Estimates
  • Detailed Designs
  • Design Review Recommendations
  • Systems Test Results
  • Project Status Reports
  • Next Phase Schedules, Work Plans, and Budgets
  • Meeting Minutes, Status Reports, Memorandum
  • Acceptance Testing Results
  • Production Support


Successful deployment of the Enhanced Traceability System.