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A.J. Boggs offers integration and custom software development services on Windows, Unix, and mobile platforms. Call on us when you need a partner to develop and implement mission-critical systems.

We will work with your team to identify and understand your business, talent, project, and technology requirements, exploring your needs across a spectrum, like this:

Strategic Fit How does the effort align with major organizational strategies?
Leadership What are the project objectives, scope, boundaries, and risks?
Knowledge How can we complement the current team?
Innovation What technology will have the most impact and challenges?
Partners How can we ensure success?
Grit What skills & experience are needed to achieve the objectives?
Talent Who is the best fit for each assignment?

Let’s discuss how we can help. System/product vision. Rapid requirements. Time to market. On site. Virtual. Agile development. Microsoft .NET. Pure project management. Outsource. Legacy Replacement. Java. Mobile. Systems maintenance. Turn-key projects.

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Common Requirements
  • Customer delight / ease of use
  • Rapid development / fast service delivery
  • Search and workflow
  • Reporting
  • Mission critical reliability
  • Online / offline / mobile
  • Data conversion and interfaces
  • Easy maintenance and enhancement
  • Secure and compliant
  • Well documented
  • End-user training

Example Projects