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PISCES in Action

Legislative Search

Find similar bills and compare legislation with the custom Text Analysis Program (TAP), built with PISCES to offer a powerful similarity search and document comparison tool.


A Fast, Powerful, Proven, & Flexible Search Engine

Flexible search engine

PISCES delivers full text search across enormous databases with unified relevance-ranked results, providing full control over your search algorithm, on Windows or Unix.

Combines the advantages of traditional relevancy ranking algorithms with a proprietary algorithm for ranking based on word proximity as well as standard Boolean operations. PISCES is used with unstructured textual data and highly structured data such as XML-encoded documents and MARC records. It searches multiple databases in any combination, yielding combined ranked result lists. It consists of a library of search and retrieval subroutines which may be combined to produce .NET as well as stand-alone retrieval systems.

Document Similarity & Comparative Analysis Technology

PISCES can do document similarity searchPISCES has also been used to quickly identify similar documents and to compare documents to identify similar text and display their similarities in side-by-side comparisons. Learn More →

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