Case Study - Traceability System Enhancement Project

The Challenge

A defense contractor needed to enhance and maintain an existing product Traceability System that tracked the sources and lots of materials and sub-assemblies used in the military systems they manufactured. The system captured product information for each system component, using 2 and 3D barcode systems. It produced barcode labels for material, assemblies, and shipping for their products as they moved through the manufacturing processes. the main objectives were to: 1. Provide better security and process integrity. 2. Enhance the tracebility system with new and improved functionality.

The Solution

Worked closely with the internal IT department to develop plans, including a statement of work (SOW). Confirmed the system requirements by developing a thorough requirements document. Verified the system status and addressed immediate problems in production. Completed a thorough system test to confirm the current system status before implementing the enhancements. Established a change management process. Implemented designs, after approval, and then supported user acceptance testing before deploying the enhanced system in production.

The Results

A.J. Boggs delivered: -Project Plans -Traceability System Requirements Specification -Bug Reports -Change Management Priorities and Work Estimates -Detailed Designs -Design Review Recommendations -Systems Test Results -Project Status Reports -Next Phase Schedules, Work Plans, and Budgets -Meeting Minutes, Status Reports, Memorandum -Acceptance Testing Results -Production Support