What we do

From Managed Hosting & Security Compliance to Software Development & Project Management, we offer experienced IT professionals and services to support your success!

Managed Hosting

We offer trustworthy managed IT infrastructure services with backup and disaster recovery services with years of experience hosting and managing protected health information (PHI) on HIPAA compliant systems

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CAREWare Services

We specialized in CAREWare needs for Ryan White Programs. Our team provides CAREWare technical support and managed hosting for more than 10 jurisdictions in the U.S.

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Compliance Solutions

regulations book

We work closely with our clients to achieve compliance and certification of systems, including compliance with state, federal, and international standards and regulations.

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Security Operations & Services

Our 911.NET Security Team offers support to ensure your hosted systems are secure and reliable with better security risk management.

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Health Information Technology Solutions

Custom Solutions

Information technology offers a myriad of opportunities for improvements in healthcare delivery. Our teams help select, design, develop, implement, and manage health information technology (HIT) services to improve outcomes.

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Lifia is a powerful electronic content management and eligibility determination tools that lets you monitor, report, integrate and support your clients.

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Support Assessments

SIS online

SISOnline® is a web-based system that provides a basis for planning the supports people with disabilities need to live a healthy, safe life. The tool has been implemented in over 22 states in the U.S. and internationally.

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System Interfaces

System Interfaces

Avoid manual work and integrate your system using our EventBus data integration tool. Weather is CAREWare or an EHR we got you covered.

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Powerful search engine that will let you search for text changes and similarities in large document collections, while tracking where terms and provisions are previously used.

Our text comparative analysis technology improves accuracy and understanding of the text in large documents and collections.

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