Case Study - SharePoint®: Non-Profit Healthcare Agency Portal

The Challenge

A start-up non-profit healthcare agency needed a common document repository for plans, new system specifications, client records, calendars, procedures, and other internal documents. The team was distributed with several key team members on the road most of the time. The document security needed to be tight; project managers needed document access control features; and the system needed to help enable collaboration and sharing.

The Solution

A standard Microsoft Sharepoint® portal was installed and training provided for $3000 by AJBoggs. The portal was hosted by IXN.

The Results

The resulting system was functional, but had many small problems. The agency infrastructure did not include a domain structure, so every time a user accessed an MS Office document in the portal, the user was required to enter login credentials. Users felt that it was cumbersome and did not become very comfortable with the system. Eventually, the portal was retired and replaced by a file server that staff could access with controls managed by a local domain controller (new infrastructure). Our system administration staff, who found Sharepoint difficult to manage, are much more comfortable with this new arrangement. Our lesson learned: if your needs do not justify at least $10,000 in Sharepoint configuration support at start up and having more funds available for enhancements and maintenance, you should look at alternatives. Sharepoint is best when it is customized and maintained to meet specific user needs.