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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. We at A.J. Boggs & Company see the years of pain and persecution experienced by the black community and cannot and will not stay silent.

These injustices did not start with George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. Rather these recent murders have finally pushed the nation to an inflection point where we must ALL collectively commit to do better, educate ourselves, and take proactive steps to be anti-racist.

A.J. Boggs & Company was founded on the principles of inclusion and bettering society for everyone. We know that if Black communities are excluded from the narrative and locked out of access to healthcare, housing, loans, education and more, then we are all collectively failing.

We continue to focus our attention on serving the vulnerable in our society. We have made a commitment to diversify our recruiting channels to ensure roles at A.J. Boggs are accessible to a wider pool of individuals such that we can hire the best people for the job. We plan to provide resources for our employees to understand and participate in meaningful and constructive dialogue on race within our company and the Greater Lansing community. We have made a commitment to continually donate to the NAACP to assist those in need of civil rights legal representation. These are small steps that can hopefully propel us to do better as an organization; this is an ongoing commitment and we are here for the marathon.

We invite our partners, clients, and friends to reach out to us, whenever, to improve communication and understanding and to find and enact solutions. Please share with us resources, advice, or opportunities to act that will help us make the change we all know we desperately need. We promise to listen.

Everyone has a right to breathe.

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