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Lifia Portal: From paper to web

Having experienced a lot of government programs and benefits that require us to fill out immense paper forms while providing a lot of additional supporting documentation, I am always looking for little efficiencies that will make this cumbersome process faster, easier, and enjoyable. Then it hit me; we do that every day with our Lifia Portal. The Lifia Portal is an eligibility determination engine and electronic case management system. It has cool features that help Ryan White Programs across the nation to streamline their processes while making life easier for clients, administrators, and caseworkers.

One feature in the Lifia Portal that makes life easier is creating efficiencies in searching, adding, and updating clients. Through a “Google” style search, you can find the right client record to update or add a new client if needed; and even automatically search for duplicate records. If the person is a new client, the goal is to add her to the portal. If the person is an existing client, the goal is to update his profile. This process eliminates the confusion on finding and duplicate records, which could ultimately delay the services the clients may receive. For example, when a client moves or has a change in their economic status, a caseworker goes to their profile and makes the update, including updating and managing the client’s essential documents.

A second aspect in the Lifia Portal that makes life easier is the eligibility check feature. As most ADAP & Ryan White programs require, the system lets you create and submit electronic applications for approval. In programs that are still paper based, this process is labor-intensive. It requires clients/caseworkers to fill out a paper form (every single time!), to bring supporting documents (every single time!), and then send the application for review to the program’s office. Then, the caseworker follows up with a phone call to get information on the application status. The entire process could take from 1 to 3 weeks and leads to frustration and document confusion and long waits. Sometimes, eligibility would expire while the client application is under review. More frustration! But, with the Lifia Portal, imagine a process that takes a couple of minutes because you don’t have to refile the form, the state’s office receives the information immediately, and the system notifies caseworkers and clients every step of the way. The eligibility processing times go from weeks to days!

A third aspect in the Lifia Portal that makes life easier is the dashboards and related notifications feature. Caseworkers and program officials can now track and manage workloads as well as which client to prioritize to avoid losses in their eligibility. This efficiency allows caseworkers to seamlessly connect with clients, know what comes next, and point them to the right way to manage and maintain their benefits.

So, as you might see, all these features are fantastic. They make life easier for caseworkers and program officials. But, more important, they improve assistance to clients so they can access their benefits in no time and without confusion.

My advice is to ditch the paper and move to a system that will make your life easier while providing excellent services to caseworkers and clients, the Lifia Portal!


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